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Pension Show 1
Why Do I Need to Consider Creating My Own Pension Plan?

Pension Show 2
The Four Critical Risks Retirees face DURING Retirement

Pension Show 3
What is the Modern Solution for Securing Retirement Income?

Pension Show 4
Potentially the most difficult question about your retirement: Retirement Sustainability or Financial Legacy?

Pension Show 5
The Seven Steps to Pensionizing Your Nest Egg.... How to Convert Your Nest Egg Into a Guaranteed Stream of Income.

The Big Social Security Mistake #1
One wrong decision can impact the retirement of married couples by tens of thousands of dollars! (2013-0561)

The Big Social Security Mistake #2
With 729 possible decision choices are you making the right one? We have the solution on how to weigh and measure the preferred choice for your situation.(2013-0561)

The Essential Series - Long Term Care

1. What is Traditional Long-Term Care?
We expose Myths and False Assumptions about this and how it really works. (2012-4695)

2. Asset-Based Long-Term Care
Using "leverage" we stand to overcome the primary disadvantages of Traditional Long-Term Care policies: you can get your money back if you ever change your mind, if you never need it, the money goes to your beneficiaries, and if you do need it… it's there for you! (2012-4695)

3. Weighing the Benefits: Which type is best for me?
We explore and weigh the alternatives of each type of LTC coverage for a variety situations. (2012-4695)

4. I Want to Keep My Independence! Part 1
How to choose greater independence, have an increased number of choices, and have more freedom. (2013-2138)

5. I Want to Keep My Independence! Part 2
You decide what matters! (2013-2138)

6. I Want to Keep My Independence! Part 3
How to looking at all the options and explore those possible choices with confidence. (2013-2138)

Helping Our Children and Avoiding the Most Common Pitfalls When Doing So #1
UTMA/UGMA accounts and College Savings Plans. (2012-4092)

Helping Our Children and Avoiding the Most Common Pitfalls When Doing So #2
Naming children as co-owners of their parent's home, joint ownership of financial accounts, and using trusts for making gifts to children. (2012-4173)

529 College Plans
Five Things You Should Know About 529 College Savings Plans for the Kids and Grandkids

Life Insurance
I'm Retired Now, Why Would I Need Life Insurance at This Point? Here are Six Reasons Why Life Insurance Might Provide Substantial Benefit for You as a Retiree.

What you need to know about Guarantees.

Costly Retirement Mistakes
The Top 3 Most Costly Retirement Mistakes.

Protect Yourself
Steps to Protect Yourself in a Prolonged Low Interest Rate Environment.

Can't Decide
Here are the Steps to Take to Protect Your Life Savings in the Face of Incredibly Low Interest Rates.

Invest Right DURING Retirement or You May Be Forced to Deplete the Money You've Spent a Lifetime Accumulating
Greg discusses why its important to invest right during retirement or you may be forced to deplete the money you've spent a lifetime accumulating.

Dangers of IRA's for Do It Your Selfers

Planning Ahead to Avoid Taxes

Your Retirement Account May Be a Tax Ticking Time Bomb
Here's how to help your loved ones' avoid a potentially massive financial "blow-out" that cannot be corrected once it occurs. (2012-4765)

10 Steps for Rising Tax Rates
Here are the 10 Steps to Take When expecting Sharpley Rising Tax Rates.

What Are Your Chances of Being Audited?
We examine the data directly from the IRS to identify the tax minefield and make recommendation to avoid trouble. (2013-1764)

The Top 10 IRS Red Flag Audit Items on Your Tax Return - Personal
Discussion of what to watch-out for with unreported income, charitable deductions, rental real estate, foreign financial accounts, and hobbies. (2013-1879)

The Top 10 IRS Red Flag Audit Items on Your Tax Return - Business
The pitfalls of the "Home Office" deduction, travel deductions, business use of vehicles, cash-based businesses, and the rules of what constitutes valid "Office Expenses". (2013-1879)


The Essential Series - Legal Matters and Estate Planning

1. What is Estate Planning?
A "primer" on working through where all your stuff goes when you die and what things can change over time that could make your careful planning out-of-date and obsolete. (2012-4765)

2. Is Probate Bad?
The court stands ready to "assist" in executing your "will" in a "court-supervised process" which can be expensive and take many months, or years, to complete, but what choice do you have? (2012-4765)

3. Livings Trusts
A Living Trust takes effect immediately and can be a time efficient and cost efficient alternative to a "will" that doesn't come to life until you die. (2012-4765)

4. Titling Accounts Incorrectly Could Be a Disaster
Oftentimes, many of the things you have taken a lifetime of hard work to accumulate do not pass through the "will"; they will pass-on outside the "will" you have so carefully prepared. Take these precautions to protect your final wishes! (2012-4765)

5. Your Retirement Account May Be a Tax Ticking Time Bomb
Here's how to help your loved ones' avoid a potentially massive financial "blow-out" that cannot be corrected once it occurs. (2012-4765)

10 Steps for Smart End of Life Planning
Ten Steps for Creating a Smart End-of-Life Plan

Wills Part 1
Myths and Misconceptions About Wills that Are Just Not True at All

Wills Part 2
Practical Observations About How to Go About Getting Your Will Done

Living Trusts and Lifetime Management Trusts
What you should know about Lifetime Management Trusts and Living Trusts.

32 Critical Documents
32 Critical Documents you need before you die and how to organize, store and share them.

Powers of Attorney
The eleven (11) things you must know about Powers of Attorney. (2012-0939)

Choosing Your Trustee
What are the duties of a trustee and things to consider when being your own, choosing family members, or your children. (2012-3848)

Making Things Easier When Sorting Through Estate Stuff
This can be monster of a task and we have the top tips for making it more manageable. (2012-0682)

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