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Beneficiary Checklist

15 critical questions toward guaranteeing that your hard-earned money will pass to your loved ones as intended, because the beneficiary form trumps all other documents, including your will.

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Household Spending Budget Worksheet

An useful tool for designing and predicting retirement income needs with reference data from national averages for seven major categories of expenses.

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The 11 Big Retirement Mistakes (and how to avoid them)

If you want to avoid making the 11 biggest mistakes most people make before retiring, you need to learn what they are and how to never make them. This report gives you the knowledge to be sure you don't become a retiree who runs out of money!

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Retirement Savings Time Bomb (and how to defuse it)

The IRS is waiting to grab up to 90% of your hard-earned retirement savings – but there are ways to protect it from Uncle Sam with the 5-Step action Plan outlined in this report by the Austin Retirement Guys.

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59 Minute Personal Asset Manager

How to identify savings on taxes and other financial expenses that most people routinely overpay for but don’t know it! This Comprehensive, personal financial planning summary is designed to help you take inventory and assign realistic values to your personal assets and liabilities. It’s the essential first step in identifying potential savings.

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Veteran's Benefits Report

Declassified information on the Veterans Aid and Attendance Benefit

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10 Biggest Mistakes People Make When Setting Up a Living Trust

What You Don't Know Could Cost Your Family Thousands of Dollars In Preventable Taxes, Fees and Costs! What a tragedy it is to see people work hard and scrimp and save their whole lives, and then effectively just throw away their money when they die. It is particularly troubling to see this happen to someone who watches their financial affairs carefully and diligently.

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Five Things You Should Know About 529 College Savings Plans

With many retirees choosing to help fund college education for the grandkids, the 529 plan offers an unmatched combination of tax advantages and flexibility, and without gift or estate tax consequences when done properly.

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Consumer Tips for Purchasing Insurance

How to be sure you are making smart decisions that will safeguard the financial future of your loved ones.

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What You Need to Know About Life Insurance

I’m retired now, why would I need life insurance at this point? Can I be sure my loved ones will be able to get by when I die? How much might be needed so I don’t have to worry? What features would be most valuable to consider in my situation? There are so many choices… what types should I consider buying and why?

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Getting Your Affairs in Order

End-of-life planning sounds like something you do, well, towards the end of your life. But the reality is, no one knows what tomorrow will bring. These 10 steps will help you get your affairs in order, and provide you with the peace of mind of knowing that your wishes are clear and that your loved ones will be taken care of with a smart end-of-life plan.

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Retirement Income Ensuring Income throughout Retirement Requires Difficult Choices

The General Accountability Office found that most retirees pass up opportunities for additional lifetime income. In order to help people make difficult choices for managing lifetime income the GAO proposes better understanding of the risks involved and a better understanding of the choices that are available to ensure income throughout retirement.

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Self-Directed IRAs and the Risk of Fraud

The SEC has issued this investor alert regarding fraudulent schemes that involved self-directed IRAs with specific examples given.

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